The 121 Process


Getting Started


Our application process is designed to help us better understand who you are, what your business is all about, and where you are headed. This should take you about 30 minutes. If you are an overachiever please go ahead and shoot a 2-5 minute video tour of your office and take the Big 5 Personality Test. (it may ask you to create an account. You don't have to. Just click the GUEST button.)


Within 3 business days, two of our team members will review your application to ensure you go everything filled and to begin to ensure compatibility.  If we think you are a match on paper we will schedule an interview.


Within 5 business days of us reviewing your application and approving fit, we will conduct a video chat interview. This is your chance to get to know us and for us to get to know you. It is also a great time to ask any questions you might have. 


Within 24 hours of the interview, we'll let you know if 121 is a good match for you. If you accept and we accept then we'll all move forward to the launch. 

Payment Structure

There is a 2 part payment structure to join 121:

Part 1 - $99 onboarding fee once your application has been accepted. This fee gets you all set up on our private network and sets up your User Guides. 

Part 2 - $99/mo. This is your ongoing 121 service fee. There is no contract. You will control the billing of this all through a secure portal once your application has been accepted.