The Art of Acceptance

Opportunity, destiny, the Power of Attraction, there have been many topics over the last decade regarding things coming your way. So what do you do when it arrives? Let's explore the Art of Acceptance.

Acceptance is the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered. There are a couple of powerful phrases buried in the concept of acceptance, consenting to receive and something offered. Let's unpack each.

Consenting to receive

To consent is to give permission for something to happen.

To receive is to be given, presented with, or paid.

So you are literally giving permission to be given something.

Something offered

To offer is to present something for someone to accept or reject as so desired.

So acceptance is the space where you give permission to someone to receive something and where they present it to you to accept or reject as you desire.

Acceptance is a position of control. You have the power to accept or reject. This is powerful.

With that in mind:

  • Do you take opportunities that are offered? How about relationships?

  • Do you accept negative news like a lost client or market shift?

  • Do you do the opposite of accepting by denying things?

Accepting bad news is probably the hard one because it feels like a loss of control, but it isn't. You just have to be prepared for the information.

Too often we go through life with no situational awareness and certainly no preparedness for what might come at us. Unless you are a first responder, you probably don't start your shift discussing what might come at you today and the best way to handle it. You probably feel like it is just happening to you. Acceptance challenges the concept of being the victim of life. It creates the space that you might be allowing things to entire your life. This is hard to hear. Hell, it is hard to write.

I have a child who struggles with math. The math lessons are just "coming at her" via the school's curriculum. Her low grade is a mix of many things. But this year she decided to 1) accept her true position and skillset in the math curriculum and 2) not accept staying in that behind position. She is now doing 3 math lessons per day 7 days a week to get caught up. Nothing changed until she decided to accept or not to accept.

What is at your doorstep? Is it a hard truth you are avoiding or how about a positive relationship?

What would it look like if you were more accepting?

Clinton BrownUnited States