Update Your Business Card

Is this business card dead? Maybe not just yet. I bet it is time for you to update your card though. Here are something things to consider with your business card.

1. Who is do you plan on giving it to?

If this for clients, prospects, networking, door prize drawings, all the above? Remember it isn't for you, it is for someone else. How can you make it awesome for them?

2. What are they supposed to do with it?

Do you want them to update their contact list? Add you to their email service? Text you something right away? Visit your website? Share it with someone else? Make sure to think through what is supposed to happen with it once they get it. And why leave it up to chance, put instruction on the card.

Here are some designs and functions that may spark an idea in you.

Check out this design from  http://kiwimonk.com/business-cards/

Check out this design from http://kiwimonk.com/business-cards/

So what could you do to upgrade yours?

Clinton BrownAlluvio