Explore a Website Redesign

How long has it been since you redesigned your site? I don't mean update. I mean when is the last time you took a good look at colors and navigation. At how your site functions on a phone, tablet, and desktop. In this post, I am not asking you to redesign your site, just explore it. Let's jump right to a few tools that might give you clarity.

1. GTMetrix

A slow site is a site Google doesn't like. How websites are hosted in the last couple of years has changed dramatically and that has improved speeds. This action alone might make you want to update your site. Go to www.gtmetrix.com. Enter your URL and hit the Analyze button. After a short wait, you will receive a grade for your site from several site speed services.

Latest Performance Report GTmetrix.png

Here is my site's score. Not too shabby. Notice I received 2 scores from different services AND a huge list of specific items. These items, if you click on them, include all of the detailed action steps you need to take to fix that issue. This is a great report to export and send to your web person.

2. Google Mobile-friendly Test

This is probably a more important quick test. Let me shoot you straight, if your website isn't mobile-friendly then you might as well shut it down. It really does matter that much to Google. They stopped indexing non-mobile-friendly sites years ago.


Here is my sites result

Mobile Friendly Test   Google Search Console.png

3. Toptal Color Blind Filter


Eight percent of people are colorblind. What does your site look like for them? Run your site through this simple filter and see what they might see. See any adjustments you need to make?

Toptal Color Blind Filter.png

4. Web Accessibility Test


Not everyone has the same ability to navigate your website with a mouse and normal vision. Certain individuals use accessibility tools to "read" your site to them. If you don't have the right information then they can't navigate.

Again, here is my sites score.

Web Accessibility   Test Your Site for Accessibility.png

5. Website Grader


This simple tool does a quick overall look at additional factors like SEO. It is not comprehensive but could point out some glaring opportunities for improvement.

Website Grader.png

Lastly, what do you want people to do on your site? Give your their email? Call you? Purchase something? Navigate to your website and do all of the steps a customer has to do to take the action you are hoping for. Count the steps. How many clicks, scrolls, form fields, and submits do they have to do? Do you think reducing that could help?

Maybe this year is the year to upgrade your web experience. Remember, if your website costs you more than you make from it it is a liability. It should make you money.

Clinton BrownAlluvio