Being Friendly

This week's attitude is to be friendly. Seems simple right? It means kind and pleasant. Friendly's roots are wrapped up in the concept "to love." So are you friendly? Maybe for some of you being kind and pleasant comes super easy. You were raised in a way that fostered this. Maybe you just made the decision to be that way. For others, it is a challenge. Their nature and nurture didn't reward those qualities. They might even see friendly as weak sometimes. Either way, being friendly is a simple attitude that can have great internal and external benefits.

It takes energy to be unkind and unpleasant. You've got to harness something that is frustrating you and then focus it outward. It is like trying to keep a small campfire hot for a night. It is work. Being friendly, on the other hand, is like keeping the coals warm and glowing. This is actually quite easy. And they will provide you with consistent warmth for hours. So who do you know that is friendly? Who comes to mind?

Now with that person in mind, think about how they would navigate your week. At what points would their interaction with your life be different than yours? Can you see a few spots that their kindness might be a better tool? Maybe getting your kids in the car for church? Maybe dealing with annoying phone calls? How about with your crazy in-laws? These are points where the attitude of friendliness is worth exploring. Try emulating that friendly friend of yours. What would they do or say? What result would they get? Give yourself the freedom this week to test out being more friendly. The world will be a better place for it.

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