Introduce Yourself to Other Business Owners

Do you know your neighbors? More often the answer is no these days. This also applies to your business neighbors. Do you know the people across the hall? Next door? Across the street? In your local Chamber of Commerce.

A couple of months ago I was talking with a local shop owner on the street. They were commenting about a new sign and outdoor seating on the business diagonal across the intersection. The said, "I don't like that they are doing that." I asked, "Oh, do you know so and so who owns the business?" The man replied, "I have no idea who owns the business." What a shame. Two hardworking downtown business owners both doing everything they can to make the world a better place separated by two crosswalks. Don't let this be you.

My business partner Clint once feared meeting another local business owner who he repeatedly bid against for projects. He and his wife started going to a new church and the first person he was introduced to was this same "competitor." Long story short they ended up going out for pizza and decided to collaborate. In doing so they won every contract because if one got the contract, the other got part of it as outsourced work and vice versa. He said his business doubled after this one new relationship. DOUBLED!

What opportunities are you leaving on the table by not knowing your other local business owners? Keep in mind that the average person on the street is connected to 250 people that you aren't. And the average business professional... 930. Want to increase your network, walk across the street and meet someone.

Clinton BrownAlluvio