Being Responsible

Most people don't think about being responsible as an attitude. I think we either see it as someone is responsible or they aren't. They are being responsible in the moment or they aren't. It feels more binary. But what if you saw it as an attitude this week? A spirit to carry into your week? To be responsible is to have an obligation to do something, being the primary cause of something and so able to be blamed or credited for it. The word comes from the Latin respondere meaning respond, answer to, promise in return. Interesting huh? Let's unpack.

Think of the times as a child that you were told to be responsible. Maybe it was to clean your room or feed your goldfish or to remember to bring your dance shoes. Do these sound familiar? Maybe you were the responsible sibling and your brother or sister wasn't. But what does that even mean? It means that you kept or keep your promise in return. That's what being responsible is, keeping promises. So what promises are you keeping? And which ones are you breaking?

This week we challenge you to honor your responsibilities, your promises. Try and realize fully before you agree to something that you are at a moment of making a promise in return. What are the expectations of that promise? Who are the parties involved? What would be damaged if you broke those promises? This week pause before you agree to do anything and give each promise more weight. Ask yourself, "Am I really wanting to promise this?" "And if I do promise it will I get it done no matter what?"

Clinton BrownAlluvio