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Amigas: Advice and Community

We help female entrepreneurs who are already badass be more badass. We give them someone to talk to about their business because we understand. 
We help them run faster and jump higher.

We are advice and community.

We get it.

We get it. You need relationships with other female owner-operators who understand the balance and struggle of being awesome. As women there are a lot of roles where we think we have to be everything to everyone. Best mom, wife, neighbor, sister, daughter, etc ... wanting to be the person who has all of the answers.

We know there are a lot of women who are trying to build a business and do their own thing. Their significant other doesn’t understand. Their close friends and family don’t get why they would spend so much time away.

We have realized a few things about small business ownership:

  1. It's lonely

  2. It's unclear

  3. It's difficult

Does this mean it isn't rewarding? Absolutely not! It can be the most rewarding activity of your life. It can also be the hardest, most vulnerable, most challenging thing you ever do.

To sum it up, you need a friend. A friend that knows business. A friend that knows sales. A friend that has been there and done that. Someone you can reach out to with your questions. Those questions that drive you nuts, keep you up and prevent you from moving forward.

As your friend we focus on 3 areas: finance, marketing, and you. These 3 areas have the largest day to day impact on your success.

Need some encouragement?

There is never a perfect time to grow. 
You will never have everything buttoned up. 
Not everyone will be trained perfectly. 
You won't get every t crossed and i dotted before you start. 
Your business is ready, your customers are ready, are you ready? 

You are capable of pulling it off.

Before you get too worked up, here is what we are NOT:

Not for someone who doesn't know their future. 
Not a company that creates a vision. 
Not every woman for herself. 
Not software as a service. 
Not the execution of ideas (that's you!).

Still interested? Meet our small but mighty team!


What should I expect from Amigas?

You get Daily Checkins.

We will set up a private chat channel for you to daily dump your questions and concerns and We'll help you prioritize them and tackle them.

you get expert advice and answers.

If we don't know the answer, someone in our network does. 

You get privacy.

Some of the things you deal with can be intensely private. Especially when it comes to staffing issues. We will tackle those in complete privacy. 

You get focus.

We'll help you dial in your concerns to actionable items. We will help you narrow down your to-do list to those things that matter and drive your project forward.

You get honesty.

We aren't caught up in the drama of your business, we just want your success.

You get tough love.

The market is tough. Your customers are tough. We will be the first people to listen, but also the first to call you out. 

Hear from some of our Amigas clients!

 "I have used Amigo for the past 2 years, from new ideas to slow sales, to remodeling my business model- they aided me in partner, therapist, sounding board, coach, trainer, and confidant. Easy access, quick response, knowledgeable staff and the foresight into my big ideas- they are a huge part of my drive." - Rebekah Scott, Owner of Rebekah Scott Designs
I have used Amigas for everything from new ideas to slow sales, to remodeling my business model- they aided me as partner, therapist, sounding board, coach, trainer, and confidant.  Easy access, quick response, knowledgeable staff and the foresight into my big ideas- they are a huge part of my drive.
— Rebekah Scott, Owner of Rebekah Scott Designs

What kinds of questions do your other clients ask Amigas?

  • The local school wants me to run an ad in their student folders for $600 for the semester. Should I do it?

  • I have an employee refusing to do the task that I am requesting of her. What do I do?

  • Can you take a look at these billboard mockups and see if they are on brand for us?

  • Is there anyway to get the ROAS for this Facebook Ad Set above 2.30?

  • This is my priority list for the week, should I re-organize it?

  • I need help moving the excess inventory I'm sitting on.

What is Alluvio and why is Amigas "powered by Alluvio"?

Alluvio is a business that focuses solely on improving small business systems and processes. Amigas grew out of Alluvio's desire to work directly with entrepreneurs to help with business growth outside of project systems work. Alluvio is made up of a network of experts in fields of product development, SAAS (software as a service), brand development, leadership development, online advertising, human resources, education and training, and experience economy to name a few, and are available to our Amigas team as resources for our clients if we ever run into needing a deeper expertise or niche skillset. They are an extension of our team supporting you.