We handle consulting in 2 distinct ways: Hourly and Flows.

Hourly: During our hourly consulting we deep dive into whatever part of your business needs a serious look. You’ll walk away with a to do list to take action and make changes. Consulting is available in 2 hour blocks and is $150/hr.

Flows: A flow is 1 part observation, 1 part evaluation, and 1 part plan. It requires one of us to be on site for 1 full business day. During that time we thoroughly observe and evaluate one aspect of a business. We then document all of this and write an action plan moving forward. Flows require a 10-hour on-site visit and are $4800.

Sales Flow

The sales flow maps your entire current sales process and customer lifecycle. Additionally it illuminates opportunities to gather key metrics as to each parts effectiveness. Delivery: 2 weeks from on-site visit.

Automation Flow

The automation flow takes any existing process and reveals all automation opportunities and the ROI of those automations. Delivery: 2 weeks from on-site visit.

Retail Flow

The retail flow takes the sales flow and lays it over your physical retail location, on or offline, and reveals all opportunities for improvement. Delivery: 2 weeks from on-site visit.

Production Flow

The production flow takes a comprehensive look at your production system and shows bottlenecks and single point of failure. It then prescribes solutions to fix those inefficiencies. Delivery: 2 weeks from on-site visit.