Our team implements turn-key systems into your business and provides in-person training. Our systems start at $25k.

Costs of Goods Sold

The Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) System delivers a COGS Dashboard for your business' key products/services as well as training how to update and make decisions based on dashboard information. Delivery: 8 weeks from on-site visit.


The E-Commerce System delivers a fully-functional ecommerce website for those looking to upgrade or to bring their business online for the first time. The system includes POS integration. Requires 1 week on-site visit. Delivery: 6 weeks post-visit.


The Inventory/Fulfillment System delivers a centralized inventory system that syncs multi-location and/or ecommerce. This includes upgrades to shipping and inventory processes. Requires 4 weeks on-site visit. Delivery: 4 weeks post-visit.