Episode 4: Being Friendly

A-Team Podcast Episode 4 Being Friendly

In this week’s podcast, Clint and Lauren dive into the first week of Attitudes and Actions for the year. This week’s Attitude is Being Friendly.

Definition: being kind and pleasant.


  • Who in your life would say you and kind and pleasant? 

  • Who is the most kind and pleasant person you know?

  • What would they do different if they took your spot for a week?

  • How would they handle your immediate challenges?

  • How can you be kind and pleasant when you are faced with challenges?

This Week’s Action: Write an elevator pitch.

Download January’s Attitudes & Actions Calendar by clicking the button below. You can print and fill in your daily actions, and remember, you’re in charge of choosing the attitude you’ll bring into each day! Post your calendar on your bathroom mirror, in your office, on your desk, or another place that you’ll be able to focus on and be reminded of your goals.

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