Episode 6: Aspiring

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This week’s Attitude is Aspiring

Definition: directing one's hopes or ambitions toward becoming a specified type of person.


  • What specific type of person would you like to become? 

  • Are you directing your hope and ambitions towards that? If not, where are you directing them?

  • Do you have hope and ambition? If so, for what? If not, why not?

  • What would it look like to aspire more?

This Week’s Action: Register for a conference/

Download February’s Attitudes & Actions Calendar by clicking the button below. You can print and fill in your daily actions, and remember, you’re in charge of choosing the attitude you’ll bring into each day! Post your calendar on your bathroom mirror, in your office, on your desk, or another place that you’ll be able to focus on and be reminded of your goals.

Clinton Brown