Episode 8: Being Focused

The A-Team Episode 8 Being Focused

This week’s Attitude is Focused

Definition: to concentrate, to direct one’s attention or efforts.


  • Are you focused? On what?

  • What would it look like to concentrate your efforts? 

  • What is getting your attention and efforts? Will this help you reach your goals?

  • What is something in your past you were really focused on? What would it look like to bring that level of focus forward?

This Week’s Action: Advertise on a digital billboard.

Download February’s Attitudes & Actions Calendar by clicking the button below. You can print and fill in your daily actions, and remember, you’re in charge of choosing the attitude you’ll bring into each day! Post your calendar on your bathroom mirror, in your office, on your desk, or another place that you’ll be able to focus on and be reminded of your goals.

Clinton Brown